After 5 Months of Travelling

Well, it’s happened the wanderlust has returned home. Can you believe it? It’s been over a year since I challenged myself to the 30×30 challenge. Little did I know that I would leave my job to travel.

I also thought I would be travelling only till November 23rd, instead I laid on a hammock all day. I changed my flights last minute and ended up adding another 2 months. Including Fiji, Cairns, Whitsundays, Melbourne and Sydney for the New Year.

Wow, what can I say! I hope travelling has made me a better person. Less about luxury and more about experience and the people I meet. I have also set myself some personal goals for 2017 and I hope to continue my travels maybe for not as long. 

It’s been an eye opener and I have learned so much about myself. The most important thing is I have come back richer with memories! 

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