Beating the Travel Blues

This week I returned back to the UK, I honestly didn’t know how I would feel. Obviously I was looking forward to having my own room and eating proper meals. But as a wanderlust are you ever really at home? 

I read a lot about the travel blues and how you can beat them. For me having my own space again means a lot. Not to mention eating meals again. I began to feel weaker during my last week in Australia. 

I’ve compiled a list of what you can do:

1. Enjoy time in your own room and being able to just rest. After all that travelling you’ll need to recover.

2. Spend time with loved ones, it’ll be great to catch up and make you feel at home again. 

3. Look back on all your photographs and create a scrapbook of all those amazing memories.

4. If you can afford to book a weekend away or go on a little walk around your own city and enjoy the hidden gems.

5. Create a budget and look at where you can go next and how long for.

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