What They Don’t Tell You About Backpacking

So you follow a bunch of grammers, friends on Facebook look like they’re having the time of their lives. But what does everyone forget to tell you about the not so glamorous backpacking adventure.

If you are going away for a long time you’ll probably have a travel card. Every time you transfer or withdraw money there is a charge (really for taking my own money?!). 

Sleeper trains may seem like the adventurous thing to do but get used to the cockroaches, no really they will be there. 

Booking cheap flights online? Yep wait till you get to the checkout and they add an extra $140 plus payment for your luggage. 

Not every plane will give you food, they may run out (Fiji airlines) and some of the other plane journeys (always take snacks).

Think you’re paying for a nice resort that happens to be on offer? Think again it may be a net you’re sleeping in.

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