Blogger Inspiration

As a blogger I often feel inspired by those who are fellow writers. Some Instagram posts just speak volume to me and I’d like to share a few I think you should give a follow.

A Wandering Memory 

Now if you haven’t noticed I love to travel and explore. Name a country and this guy has been there and has the posts to show you. I actually spoke to David about quitting my job to travel a year earlier and he was able to offer great advice.

Tripping Over Travel
You will make friends who turn into family when you travel, and this girl certainly did that. Ange will be able to give you a better perspective about Europe than I ever will. As well as enjoying solo adventures and making the most of Melbourne.

Glasses Girl 

Taking on a solo project, Glasses Girl will empower you to love yourself first and motivate you to do more things solo. Whether it be getting on a plane alone or trying a new gym class, this blog inspires those who may need a little nudge.  

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