Top 10 Global Hikes 

Having taken a few hikes whilst globe trotting I thought I’d dedicate a post about them. Now some have been more challenging than others but take a look at the list below. 

10. Apollo Bay

When I stayed at Apollo Bay we took on a hike to the top to see The Great Ocean Road. It was a great view and because I hadn’t seen that much of Apollo Bay when I first went it was cool to see some hidden gems. 

9. Great Ocean Road 

One of the walks we took on was near the beach. About a 10 minute walk from Apollo Bay. There are some hikes which can last for 8 days, we only did the 1 hour one. 

8. Sydney Bridge Walk 

Don’t fancy the Sydney Bridge climb? Then walk on the bridge from one side to the other. You’ll be able to see a nice view of the Opera House. 

7. Laos 

To look at the sunset we decided to walk to the highest viewing point. There is a small temple you can visit but if not you can just watch the city come to life. 

6. Bondi to Coogee

One of Sydney’s iconic beaches Bondi is nice to visit. With it being quite small there’s enough time to walk to Coogee. It’s a simple route and not too challenging. It’ll take approximately an hour to complete.

5. Franz Josef Glacier Hike

When we found out that the ice explorer was cancelled I was devestated. The only activities that day were kayaking or to take a hike. Amy and I decided to hike as it was the only way to see the glacier. It was one of the funniest days and we had so much fun. 


If New Zealand has taught me anything it’s how to deal with activities being cancelled. The shot over jet was cancelled due to the river being too high so we decided to take on a hike. It takes around 2 hours and you get to see the running views of Queenstown.

3. Mount Misen Hakone 

When I was in Hakone after we saw the floating we had the choice of an aquarium or hiking. The hike was such a fun thing to do. Even though I was tired, it was hot and I had inappropriate shoes on this was one of the best days of my life. 

2. The Great Wall of China 

One of the wonders of the world and an absolute amazing place to visit, this is a must in Beijing. I took a tour but was the only one on it which was great for making the most of the experience. 

1. Mount Batur 

If there is one hike that will stick with me forever, it’s Mount Batur. I thought getting up at 1am was ridiculous for a hike. But my days was this worth it or what? I witnessed one of the best sunrises ever and enjoyed every painful minute. It takes 2 hours to climb and I would recommend the sunrise tour. 

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