How to Avoid Being Conned Abroad

Every travellers nightmare can come true if you don’t do some background checks. When booking a long trip it can be overwhelming and easy to overlook things. Below are some tips I’ve put together for you guys. Let me know if you have anymore.

1. Location

Is the accommodation close to the city centre or near the airport? It is always good to check trip advisor as well as google maps for distance. I stayed at a hotel which was 2 hours away from the city centre even though the travel agent assure me I would be closer.

2. Style of accommodation 

I paid for a resort at Gili Meno, turned out I was sleeping in a net outdoors. Again, I saw an offer for the resort and thought it was the same as staying at a hostel so why not go for a resort! 

3. Travel Card 

Now you won’t be carrying all your cash in 20 different currencies. A travel card is great but be sure to find out what the charges are for withdrawing money. Also my back up card was never sent out to me so the day before I had to buy a different one so I had atleast two travel cards (nightmare). 

4. When do I pay? 

Some places you will pay the full amount beforehand, others just like a deposit. Whether it’s a tour or accommodation always check. 

5. What am I paying for?

I booked a last minute tour in Bali, turns out we just paid for the driver and had to pay all the entrance fees! 

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