Leeds Photoshoot 

Since I’ve been back from my travels I’ve looked at photographing Yorkshire. I decided to run with a campaign called ‘Travel Where I Live’. As I worked in Leeds for a few years there are some amazing places to photograph. 

As I’m part of The Writing Squad I decided to use the weekend in Leeds as an opportunity to take pictures. Having studied photography for 2 years about a decade ago I learned more this weekend than ever before (thanks Stevie).  I went for a wonder with a Canon. I also had my GoPro Hero 4 and iPhone 6. 

Here are a few shots from the weekend. I wanted to take the tripod and do some night photography but after a meal with the squad I was officially exhausted. I’m annoyed I didn’t put my GoPro on a time lapse overnight. Oh well you live and you learn. I did manage to take a few shots. 

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