Backpacking 1 Year On 

On this day, last year I was on my way to behind an adventure for just a few months. Little did I know it would turn into 5 months of exploring different cultures, foods and experiences. I had quit my 9-5 to take on this risk but it is one which sure had paid off. 

I was saving for a mortgage and ready to invest in a property, I knew I had to go away and follow my goals. To this day I have no regrets about what I did because I came back stronger and so much happier. 

Sure there were moments I didn’t enjoy like getting locked out of my accommodation, my backpack breaking or not getting enough food but all in all it was amazing. 

If I didn’t go travelling I would not be a business owner now. Who knows what the future will hold so never ever give up. 

If you are ever thinking about travelling, go for it. It’s the only experience that will make you richer. 

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