Travelling with Anxiety

I have troubles with the dark cloud hanging over my head as well as anxiety.

It got to a point where I learned to cope and tell myself it is a part of me, not me.

I refuse to be defeated by this but sometimes it does get the better of you. I’ve had quite a few people say you must have a perfect life to be able to travel.

The truth is you see a showreel of everyone’s life. You know the 2% of what’s approved and controlled, whereas the other 98% could be hell for someone and you wouldn’t know.

But instead of turning this into a pity post I wanted to share some tips that have helped me and even if it just helps one person I’ll be happy.

1. Write down what you are worried about.

Once you have a list of your concerns grab another piece of paper and look at ways to tackle them. So it may be language barrier, download an app called ‘Babble’ or have some notes of translated words.

2. Prepare for your trip.

Whether you need to order a separate travel card for money, or update your passport start ticking one item off. Before you know it you will be fully prepared.

3. Relax…

Yes you are going on an adventure but find time to relax. Even if it is taking a break from hostels for a few nights and actually spending time in a hotel. If you are anxious then some downtime may be all you need.

4. Do what you enjoy

Sure, everyone else may be into scuba diving but if it’s something you really really really don’t want to do then it’s ok. Although travelling is about new experiences, don’t feel like you have to ever compromise. I don’t drink alcohol, so when I know everyone else is going for a night out I just do my own thing.

5. Conquer your fear

You’ve got this, take one day at a time and let your friends and family know how you feel. Sometimes all it takes is a simple “you got this” from a different time zone. Tell yourself how proud you will be if you travel and if you absolutely hate it when you’re away you can just get a flight home.

It would be amazing to hear any tips you have for fellow travellers and myself!

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