Arriving in Lima

I had a very long journey ahead to arrive at Lima (destination 1). The whole purpose of being here was so I could be climatized for the Inca- Trail. I had a 5 hour journey to Gatwick Airport, flight to Madrid a 2 hour wait and then 11 hours and 55 minutes to Lima.

I decided to get a Shuttle Bus which lead me to asking a local to guide me to my hostel (I’d say it was fairly hidden). With me arriving 5 hours prior to check-in time I said I couldn’t walk around anymore. I just wanted to shower and sleep.

Looking into things to do, nothing much appealed to me tourist wise. So I decided to just lounge about and speak to the people at the hostel.

I walked around and tried to just rest at a coffee shop but I ended up returning with snacks and hoping for a good nights sleep.

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