A Taste of Lima

So when I arrived in Lima, I didn’t think much of it. I was told that there wasn’t much there and don’t expect too much. As a traveller you have to throw yourself in there and allow yourself to immerse into the culture.

I arrived early morning 6am and ended up at my hostel for 8am. My plan was to sleep as it was 24 hours without some kip, but check in was at 2pm. I decided to just chill out in the common room.

I had a great time learning Spanish from the staff and meeting new people.

When I finally checked in I tried to nap but it didn’t happen so after a shower I decided to go for a walk. Obviously I was starving and ended up roaming around.

I had the opportunity to practice my Spanish too. I then ended up having some sleep and feeling refreshed the next morning. I enjoyed some breakfast, I didn’t have enough coffee so had to make up for it.

I walked around for hours and took the opportunity to just enjoying having a break. Although I worked in the evening I was happy to move on to Cusco. The people were lovely and I always find it difficult to say goodbye. But let’s do this Cusco.

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