Rainbow Mountain Peru

Having worked non-stop tirelessly there were a few things to keep me going. One was trekking the Rainbow Mountain in Cusco.

It was a 3 am start where I was picked up and we then ended up on a bus with around 26 people.

It was a 2 hour drive before we had breakfast, then another hour to our starting point.

There were quite a few people who took horses but I was determined to trek. After about half an hour I was struggling with the altitude and felt so sick. It was a struggle and at a few points I thought about getting a horse.

When I thought would be a good time to get a horse I was told that’s where they stop and everyone has to hike. I knew I’d laugh about this one day.

When I made it to the top it was actually snowing so no drone but I ended up having a photo shoot with Elise & Patrick. It’s amazing when you meet people who can take pictures (solo travellers will know). We then started to make our way back and it was a long journey back. I kept thinking we are nearly here, it started raining on our descent.

We then had another 3 hour journey back and most of us were suffering from the altitude.

Our tour for some reason finished 2 blocks away from the centre, had I not walked enough? Anyway I roamed around and then got a taxi for £2.41.


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