How to prevent altitude sickness

Now by all means I am no doctor or qualified to give any medical advice. But having experienced high altitude there’s a few things you can do to help prevent it.

It’s not contagious, nor has anything to do with age, gender, ethnicity, it can hit anyone.

I travelled to Lima in South America and then after a few days I landed in Cusco. As soon as you land they give 3 coco leaves to chew on. This is meant to help you get climatized. I nearly fainted twice, had severe headaches and felt sick several times. It’s can be difficult when you can’t speak the language and feeling very dizzy. I bought more coco candy as well as leaves.

The next day I was hiking the rainbow mountain and again the altitude hit me. It hurt my head and I felt so sick. You feel a shortness of breath even when you’re not doing anything. I would say give yourself plenty of time to get climatized before you trek.

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