Death Road Bike Ride Bolivia

So I decided I wanted to become more confident on a bike again. 21 years ago I would be riding around everywhere. Somewhere along the lines I stopped and life happened.

In September, I joined training sessions with Pedal Ready Sheffield. They offer free cycling confidence lessons. It wasn’t long before I moved up a level and started going on the roads. My goal was to cycle Yungas Road. It’s one of the worlds most dangerous roads, and was featured on Top Gear.

I had only taken one cycling session a week for four months and next minute you know I was riding along the edge of a cliff. I booked with the guys at No Fear. You always have a van following you till the end. It was a total of five hours cycling broken down by breaks and lunch. Unfortunately someone in our group did have a nasty fall but he’s ok.

I loved cycling down Yungas road and would highly recommend it to everyone. It is downhill so you don’t have to worry about gears.

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