Visiting the Salt Flats

After spending a few days in La Paz it was time to join the Uyuni tour I had booked. Visiting the Salt Flats was something I had been looking forward to for a long time. I took the overnight bus (12 hours) to Uyuni, I made a friend Linda who was also going on the bus and tour.

We then arrived at Uyuni and waited a few hours for the tour to begin. It was such a lovely group of people, one of the best I had.

We made our way straight to the abandoned trains and then the Salt Flats. I was able to fly my drone (I was so happy). We created all the cool photographs and then made our way to our accommodation. We were told to charge all our equipment as later on we would not have the opportunity.

We then made our way to the lagoons and to see the Flamingos. We started off with sun cream and shades to all our layers in the snow.

It was such a great experience, on the first night we stayed in a hotel made from salt which was pretty cool. On our second night the accommodation was much more basic and it was freezing cold.

I have to say on our final morning together it was so emotional. As a traveller you often have to say goodbye, and I really dislike that. It was one of the best groups I’ve travelled with, we had an amazing time and enjoyed one last bit of scenery before heading for lunch at San Pedro.

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