Visiting Christ Redeemer

So as I arrived in Rio I decided to have a snack at the airport. It was the first flight in my entire life where I slept through. I was so tired from being awake for a day and camping at the airport.

When I got into a local taxi I was ripped off. The driver changed his mind, I would never get in one again, avoid those drivers like a plague and always take the official ones. The queue was too long and I became impatient but learned a valuable lesson.

When I arrived at my hostel the tours were all unavailable, so my plans had to change. I decided to make my own way to Christ Redeemer. Just like the movies it was exceptional. I was told I couldn’t fly my drone but that didn’t stop me from having a good time. I asked 4 people to take a picture of me and all they did was either cut me or the big man out.

After a few hours in 37 degrees I decided to make my way back. It was great to visit one of the wonders of the world, I wish I couldn’t visit when no one was around and fly my drone!

One day…

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