Reaching Country 30

5 years ago I sat down and spoke about how many countries I had visited with my family. It was my darkest year yet and I would barely leave the house I felt so low. I wanted to give up, part of me already had, I was numb. I felt nothing, it was hard to explain and I slowly felt myself isolated from the world. All I could think was what’s the point. I questioned my existence and thought the world would be better without me.

It’s crazy to think two years ago I challenged myself to reaching 30 countries before 30. I was at a point in my life where I had started a new job and had lots to look forward to. Then I got made redundant. I thought how could I face unemployment again, after all I had overcome I was being tested again.

Today I reached 30 countries, without a doubt I wasn’t expecting it to happen on this trip but it just did. I’m overwhelmed by how far I’ve come. I left my job to travel for 5 months and then started working for myself and then was landed with an amazing contract and then booked a trip to South America. Working remotely has been one heck of an experience and I am living proof that you can go on and live your dreams.

Regardless of always being that quiet kid at school who got bullied and always becomes introverted, I did it. I have flown long haul flights, I’ve faced my fears, met amazing people a long the way and took local transport with very little local language. I’ve laughed with locals even though I don’t always understand. I’ve learned so much and cannot wait to continue with my travels.

So there you have it, country number 30 is Argentina!!!

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