Iguassu Falls Argentinian Side

So I was thrilled to be visiting the Iguassu Falls on the Argentinian side. Having spent the day before in country 28 to country 29 back to country 28 and then country 30 I was exhausted.

The next morning I made my way to the falls and marched my way to the top. It was raining but that only meant the waterfalls looked epic. I then walked down to the boat ride, only to be told there were no more spaces available. I was gutted the man at the counter told me to come back tomorrow or wait. I was number 10 on the waiting list. He said it was unlikely I would make it. I waited over an hour and a half to get on that boat. I was getting upset that I wouldn’t be able to go but silently cheered when he said my name.

I had an amazing time and this has to be one of my highlights celebrating country 30 in style. I had so much fun. After getting soaked I then made my way to the lower circuit, the falls on this side are better I have to say.

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