A Travellers Goal

Hey all, how’s it going? It has been a while and I haven’t updated my blog as much as I wanted to this year due to personal reasons. That aside this has been a place of escapism, thoughts and general lifestyle of a travel blogger turned digital nomad.

If you’ve been part of the Cameratic journey you’ll know that I challenged myself to reach 30 countries before 30. I was shortly made redundant and didn’t think it was achievable, with encouragement and trials I quit my 9-5 and travelled for 5 months. I then booked a working trip to South America and I reached 31 countries.

Travelling is not just about doing it for the ‘gram’ or pleasing people, it’s about feeling a presence, embracing a journey for views that show you there is a whole world out there. Maybe you haven’t felt accepted in certain places, by people or battle your own mind continuously. There may not be a button to turn it off, but there is a calling that can make that feeling go away, even just for a second. Those travelled miles, the lack of certainty the challenged feelings and the strangers eventually lead to priceless memories.

It can hurt leaving, it can hurt just as bad returning. But once your comeback it’s an experience to learn more about yourself, spend time with loved ones, the circles may decrease but the quality increases. I hope one day Cameratic is something that can inspire at least one person to go out there and achieve their goals, because there is a whole world out there and sometimes we just need a reminder that we not only exist, but we are also alive.

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