Living the Minimalist Life

So today I made a decision to make a lifestyle change. I have been saving many virtual boards of what kind of lifestyle I want. I am a hoarder, and sometimes find it hard to give things up- maybe a note from when I was 16. A picture, old clutter and clothes. Today I took my first step to declutter, clothes I have been keeping for years because I tell myself one day I will wear them- they’re gone or going to charity.

If you have read my blog before you’ll know I love travelling, I live for it and I can’t imagine not travelling. As someone who spent 5 months backpacking I couldn’t carry my favourite outfits but I made the most amazing memories. My life wouldn’t be the same. However, I have decided to reduce the amount of things I own in terms of possessions.

Now as someone who runs their own businesses there are gadgets I feel like I need to own in order to survive, but I hope that things are not taking over my life.

I plan to revamp my room on a budget and will blog about it to showcase the changes. Have you decluttered? I’d love to hear some tips.

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