2 Year Backpacking Story

So on this day 2 years ago I said goodbye to the UK and headed on a 5 month adventure. I had challenged myself to reach 30 countries and had to say goodbye to a toxic environment. 

It was strange, because growing up I assumed you had to work your way up a corporate ladder, buy a house, get married somewhere along the lines and that’s life, oh and then you retire and travel. 

I couldn’t be unhappy anymore and having saved for a house deposit I knew it was a tough decision but one I have never regretted to this day. 

I began my journey to Dubai and then South East Asia, I then went to Indonesia and New Zealand. I was meant to return home but after receiving my last payment from my job and the fact I got paid for holidays I never took (22 days) I changed my flights and decided to go to Fiji and Australia. There was a part of me that was nervous about spending even more money on travel but I knew I was making memories. 

I lived some of my best days travelling and although I felt low some days it didn’t stop me from having a trip of a lifetime. 

Returning home was tough, but there’s nothing like your own bed, not sharing rooms in a hostel and being able to have proper meals. 

You may say I have the travel bug, but since returning it’s been a lifestyle change. I have worked remotely, reached my target of 30 before 30 countries and couldn’t be happier. 

I often get asked when will I settle down, the truth is some of my best years have only just begun and I can only do what feels right for me not for society. 

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