Staying on Track

Over the last few weeks I have found myself in a place where I have struggled to get out of. I’ve been there before and finding your way again can sometimes feel like the hardest. I’ve thought about limiting the time I spend on social media, how much time I spend with people, where I go and changing my environment. 

My creativity has been lacking and I took part in the Sheffield Photo-marathon hoping to find that spark again. The new gearI have needs to be used badly but I am looking for new ways to find that passion again. 

Any tips would be appreciated. 

I also see so much about how we look at successful people and think they have it all, but what hits us hard is that they were looking for happiness. 

So I have continued with my track on to minimalism, another two boxes full. Traded in my old cameras and still hoping to sell/throw more things away. The more I do this the more I realise I only need a few things to live off. 

I also let my fitness slip, so as of last night I began with the workouts and running again. It’s not just about wanting to look a certain way, it’s about the mental break it gives me and positive endorphins. 

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