5 days in Istanbul

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I made it to country 32, Turkey-Istanbul. If you don’t shameless plug www.instagram.com/cameratic1. I booked a last minute trip abroad two weeks prior to travelling and let me tell you it was a stressful situation. Apart from chasing late invoices and last minute visas I felt very unprepared for this trip. I usually have some sort of hike or activity planned but this time I just thought I need a break and i’ll go anywhere. As one of my close friends Nic moved to Dubai and said I can visit whenever I booked my trip around visiting her for the New Year. 

Istanbul has a lot of history and some of its beauty includes the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the Palace. I spent my first full morning attending the Friday prayers at the Blue Mosque, there was a part of me that broke down because I was overwhelmed by what was happening in my life and I felt mixed emotions. There is a part of me that was celebrating the goals I achieved and another part of me thinking how did I make it through the year. 

I roamed around the city centre and embraced the culture, but I really wanted to visit Cappadocia. I booked a last minute trip to and spent the day taking two flights. It was a day our but I met some of the kindest people. Hiking the Red Valley was amazing, it was not full of tourists and I got to fly my drone. I booked with Rayan tour who do lots of different tours. Because mine was so last minute and I didn’t have that much time I took a flight there and back. I am so glad I got to experience the beauty of Turkey. 

On my final day, I went to the palace and took time to explore the hidden gems of Istanbul before saying goodbye. 



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