Visiting Jordan on a budget

When I arrived in Jordan (Amman) I got my visa on arrival. What I wish the embassy told me when I called was to get the Jordan Express which allows you to visit Petra for free and other tourist places. So if you ever visit make sure you get the Jordan Express because it will save you £50 at least. Anyway, I stayed at the Sydney Hotel (a hostel that cost me £30 for 5 days).

As I hadn’t pre-booked anything I knew that the hostel provided daily tours to Petra and the Dead Sea. I booked a day trip to Petra and when I arrived at the bus station apparently there was no booking. It was made from the hostel but apparently, it did not go through. I was annoyed but my roommate Ikra and I spent the day exploring Amman,

Everything happens for a reason and I guess it was a blessing in disguise as it rained the next day and I was able to be away exploring Petra.

The day after I went to visit the Dead Sea, we only explored the public beach as I was travelling on a budget and could not justify £60. So we stayed at the public area, we then got a taxi back to Amman had some food and said goodbye to Jordan.


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