A week in Oman

When I was returning home after 5 months of backpacking in 2017 I flew over Oman from Sydney. Before we landed in Dubai the pilot announced: “We are currently flying over Oman.” I was gutted that I missed another country so nearby.

So on this trip, I made it my mission to visit Oman, I have had an obsession with visiting it. Did I research it, no! But I knew I would find something to do. I chose to stay in Muscat, when I landed I was told there are no shuttle buses or public transport to my hotel. I asked around and was told to just get an airport taxi. They quoted me £41 plus meter. I then followed the signs to the buses and ended up paying 50p.

I arrived late night so I hadn’t planned much, but had met someone in Jordan who was living in Oman and she made suggestions. I was then given the name of a tour guide Mohammed also known as Sparrow Adventures. We spent the day visiting Wadi Shab and the Sinkhole as well as looking for places to drone.

I am so glad I did this day tour otherwise I would never have experienced the real Oman. One day I will visit again (hopefully with more money).


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