A week in Dubai

One of my closest friends moved to Dubai and invited me to come and see her, so I decided to spend the final week of 2018 in Dubai. I’ve always wanted to see the fireworks in Dubai and was so excited about visiting the city again. There were a few things I wanted to tick off my list including Hatta Lake and a day trip to Abu Dhabi.

Day 1

Our first full day was spent at Hatta Lake and down to the Palm to catch the sunset. I was able to fly my drone at Hatta Lake and was mesmerized by the beauty of it all. Having only seen it on Instagram pictures I am so glad I was able to visit. If you want to take part in kayaking then it’s better to book first.

Hatta Lake Dubai

Day 2

I decided to go to Abu Dhabi, I had previously visited the UAE but missed Sheikh Zayed Mosque and always wanted to visit. I arrived at the local bus station but there was a huge queue so I shared a taxi with 6 other strangers. It was an hours drive to the Abu Dhabi bus station. I then got on a bus to Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Now my friend was able to visit by just walking in whereas I was stood in a queue for 2 hours. My visit took place during the last week fo 2018 and let me tell you it was busy.  The Mosque is free to visit but you will be asked to cover up and they give you Abaya’s to wear.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

I then took a taxi to the Ferrari world but started to feel fatigued because of the heat and lack of food. So I walked around had some amazing food and made my way back. I followed a route on Google Maps and ended up near a dual carriageway. I then took a minibus back to the station and then a two-hour coach ride back to Dubai.

Day 3

This was the day I had been waiting for, the final day of 2018. I was up at 8am and out by 9am ready to queue for the fireworks. Everywhere I went I was told I would need a ticket, they cost £350-£700. I walked around Dubai Mall looking for somewhere to see the Burj Khalifa. Everywhere was blocked off, I was debating whether to go to the Palm.

Dubai fireworks

As I was getting to go to the Metro one of the guards told me to just go outside. I tried to leave the mall several times and saw an exit and just took it. I then met a lovely couple who were on the same mission as me and we joined forces. We then found a spot and then had lunch and back to our waiting game. We were there from 2pm until the fireworks were shown. I walked back to my friends flat, this took 2 and a half hours and my feet were in pain.

Day 4

We went for some crepes, mocktails and the Marina for some final photographs. After roaming around the hidden gems of Dubai we then took on The Dubai Frame. The last time I was in Dubai it was being built and it’s a nice contrast of showing the old and new Dubai.

Dubai Frame

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