Exploring Baku Azerbaijan

I didn’t know much about Azerbaijan but my friend Nic suggested I should visit Baku. As it was so close to Dubai I thought why not tick another country off. I stayed at the Alp Inn hotel which was very cosy and had some of the kindest staff I have ever met. I went to visit the Museum on my first day which was within walking distance. I then queued up to take pictures in front of the ‘I love Baku’ sign (has travel really come to this).

Anyway the next day I had my heart set on visiting the Flame Towers at night, it rained, a lot. I walked around and made my way to Dominos, I was hungry and needed somewhere with wi-fi to order a taxi via Taxify. If you haven’t used Taxify then do so, it is cheaper than Uber and often the platform to use when Uber isn’t available in the country.

On my final day I took a trip down to the F1 circuit, it is the largest one in the world and it was worth the trip. I also saw the Christmas markets which really bought the city to life.

If you are strapped for time you can pretty much see this all in one day. Visit the museum in the morning, the F1 circuit in the afternoon and see the flame towers lit up in the evening. I went in January and it was freezing, so be sure to wrap up warm.




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