The Edge of the World

Ah, finally I can say I made it. Not in life but to the end of the world. When I went to Patagonia last year I was eager to make it to the Antarctica. Having spent most of 2018 working everyday saving for this trip I made it happen. It was something I had been dreaming about and finally, I arrived in Ushuaia.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, when I left Santiago to Buenos Aires I asked what would happen to my luggage and was specifically told I would find it Ushuaia. I slept on an airport floor and when it came to boarding the plane, they asked me if I had all my luggage. I had been given incorrect information, the staff told me they were calling my name but within those 4 hours I never heard it once, I slept for an hour. I spent two hours arguing and as the airport didn’t cater to any vegetarian food I was slowly becoming weak.

13 staff members and two managers later I boarded a delayed flight to Ushuaia. I was happy to get off that flight and never fly with them again.

I made it to hostel Oshovia, a cool hostel 10 minutes away from the airport. Some important information if you are travelling to Ushuaia. You cannot exchange money at the airport and the ‘Link’ cash machine declined my HSBC, Santander and Monzo card. It is better to exchange money prior to entering the city. I luckily had exchanged US dollars from home which got me to my hostel. Just check with the transport for paying in US dollars. I went shopping for food and made it around the city centre.

I had already pre-booked a trip to the last train also known as ‘Tierra Del Fuego & Train of the End of the World’ tour. You will be picked up from your accomodation around 8am and then on your way to the end of the world. There is something cool about catching the last train to the edge of the planet, on the trip you will learn lots of history and visit the National Park too.


The tour lasts around 4-5 hours and you will then either be dropped off in the city centre or multiple drop off points.



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