The Start of the Antarctica

I made my way from Oshovia hostel to Las Lengas hotel to meet with the group and have a G Adventures briefing. I met my lovely roommate Georgie and we ventured out to the city centre with a few others. During dinner, we spoke about our reasons for wanting to go to the Antarctica, and for the first time in a long time I felt like I didn’t have to justify it. There’s a certain feeling when speaking with fellow travellers, a sense of inspiration and gratitude. I love how my bucket list gets longer after every country I visit.

When we made our way on to the ship with so much excitement, I booked this trip in August and it was finally here, I felt overwhelmed, nervous but ready for what was ahead. We were given a briefing and told what was in store after being introducing to the whole crew. One of the main concerns was Drake’s Passage. It’s worth Googling (or not, if you are visiting) also known as the roughest sea in the world. We were advised to take motion sickness tablets and ‘Drake proof’ our rooms. It was slightly rocky and nothing I am obviously used to but the crew reassured us it was perfectly normal and the weather conditions were actually good. The next morning we were briefed on our zodiac landing and told about the process of disinfecting our boots. I had put my name down for camping too which was exciting.

I put my heart and soul into a trip of a lifetime, even though growing up travelling was a goal and one I always felt distant with. After backpacking for 5 months travelling has become a huge part of my life especially towards the end of the year, it’s almost like an expectation. When I booked the Antarctica I thought about what it would be like stepping foot on the ice, to be at the most southern point of the planet. We saw the icebergs appear for sunrise, wales, penguins and seals. It was mind-blowing, no pictures could do it justice and no explanation but i’ll try. Imagine a world so far away from this planet where perfection would be too imperfect to describe. As someone who loves being remote and away from civilisation this was the perfect place to experience peace. Although I travelled to the Middle East in December I felt slightly rushed and not fully able to relax. 

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