This is Antarctica

We woke up early morning to a pink sky, the sun was beginning to rise and all I could see were icebergs placed everywhere. It was a beautiful moment my roommate Georgie and I wrapped up and enjoyed the spectacular views. This is it, we are officially at Antarctica. I made my 7th continent and if I wasn’t surrounded by 100+ people I would have cried, I didn’t.

It was mesmerising, we did it. We made it to Antarctica and I used to dream of this day. Being able to witness this part of the world has been humbling. I looked around and could see everyone in awe and that really made it feel real, we are finally here.

Antarctica sunrise

Waking up to beautiful icebergs at the Antarctica

We had breakfast, and then an announcement is made by Johnathon Green our expedition leader that we will be making our zodiac landings so go get ready and wait for your group to be called out.

Layers on, cameras ready and batteries oh and memory cards, there’s lots to take pictures of. We made our way on to the zodiac landing and it was just beautiful. The weather was amazing and we even hiked and then the team made a slide for us to go down. This was so much fun, we did it three times that day at different points.

During our time on the afternoon landing, we were warned about Tsunamis and how we should stay away from the shore. As we some of us were making our way down we witness a glacier calving and we witnessed a huge wave. There was a lot to take in that day, every evening we had a recap and briefings for the day ahead as well as questions for the team. It felt like one big Antarctica family.






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