Returning from the Antarctica

This was it, our final day at Antarctica. I can only say I became used to icebergs as my backyard as well as spotting whales, penguins and just amazing scenery in the background. We had our final zodiac landings for the day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon, a part of me wanted to cry. I felt at home on a ship at the end of the planet without any internet. Yes, my businesses rely on it, but as a person, I felt like the best time of my life. Connecting with nature and the great outdoors is where i’m happiest. I have made friends for life and felt a strong bond with the people onboard. I’m not ready to go home was the voice in my head. How do you say goodbye to the most amazing experience of your life, i’m not ready.

We began to explore on the zodiacs and spotted a leopard seal, as well as penguins making there way down and occasionally slipping. The ice was clear, the sky was blue and we were all part of an experience I can only hope everyone gets to experience at least once.

We then had lunch and then made our way to our final zodiac landing. Our expedition leader Johnathon had a few words, take a moment to digest all of what you’ve seen over the past two weeks. He suggested finding a spot to reflect and some solitude. We did just that. I was on the last zodiac and a few of the guys Tim, Prav and Joe wanted to be the last people to leave the island.

It was emotional, we sat down for dinner and thought about the amazing experience we had had. We shared our highlights and what we gained from the trip.

Then we made our way back down to Drake’s Passage to make our way to Ushuaia. There was an option to watch Happy Feet, I lasted 10 minutes and Georgie and I decided to stay out as long as possible. I started to write down my experience, and collate contact details as we would all be saying our goodbyes.

The final night arrived, there was a group of us who would be getting the first couple of flights out of Ushuaia. I had three flights to catch to get to Colombia. We said our goodbyes at the airport. Prav one of the passengers kept me company, he was the final person to say goodbye to. I had to hold back my tears as I felt so emotional leaving. I had 6 hours before capturing another flight, so I roamed around. As I was ready to board another flight Prav had missed his flight. Then I made my way to Santiago and finally landed in Colombia country 36 as continent 7 was reached, another adventure continues.


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