5 must things to do in Bogata

Three flights later and a day after waving goodbye to Antarctica, I landed in Bogata Colombia. This makes country 36/196. I arrived in the early morning, ate breakfast at the airport and headed to my hostel. It took the Uber driver and extra half an hour to find it but it’s ok he got me there safely. I headed to my room and dropped, I didn’t want my trip to end so coming terms with the “end” was difficult. This was the most difficult goodbye with my travels to say the least. After a nice shower, I went to bed, it was the day and I felt completely gone. I didn’t want to fall into a trap of self-pity so I started to research what I could do with my time in Bogata.

I then made my way to a travel agency and looked for a cash machine and food. There was a very young cool vibe near my hostel and plenty of street food to choose from. I also found a nice cafe to unwind and just enjoy the moment instead of dwelling.

I enjoyed roaming around but creaved nature, so I visited lake Guatavita and the salt mine. I enjoyed Bogota tours and the staff so I booked another trip to the waterfalls. The altitude is quite high in Colombia, was I climatised? No, did I struggle? Yes.

It was a nice way to end my adventure and I finally made it to Colombia. Below are some suggestions of what to do, especially if you are strapped for time.

1. Lake Guatavita

Learn the history of  El Dorado and the reasons why it was sacred to the people of South America and why it lead to many expeditions. Was the secret ever uncovered? I’ve read mixed reviews about visiting the lake, I enjoyed my trip but do note it is high altitude. I was not climatized at all, so remember to take plenty of water and suncream.

2. Salt Cathedral

Take a tour of the Roman Catholic Church which is made from salt. I happen to be chlaustraphobic but was fine going underground. You can visit the different stations alone or join a tour, I opted for the English speaking tour which lasted over an hour and then was able to make my way around.

3.Salto del Mortino Waterfalls

This is a great place to hike if you go during the wet season, I didn’t really see the waterfalls until the last point. I obviously went during the dry season and wasn’t climatised at all. You get to see around three waterfalls but it is a nice hike with lots of natural scenery.

4. Cerro de Monserrate

I chose to go here last minute with people from my hostel. It was walking distance and we took the funicular as the cable cars were down due to maintainence and one of the guys had an injury. We saw the scenes of Bogata from high above and able to have lunch at the restaurants. I also bought some coffee chocolate, it’s well worth a visit to capture the local history.

5. La Candaleria

If all else fails and you are strapped for cash, I would highly recommend hanging around La Candaleria. There are plenty of options for food and vegeterian/vegan options. Most places only accept cash despite advertising Mastercard/Visa. It’s a really cool vibe, and in the evening you may even see some buskers, artists and entertainers.

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