Visiting Jerusalem, Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock

Before I set out to visit Palestine, my heart was set on making the journey to The Dome of Rock, Masjid Al Aqsa, and experiencing Jerusalem. 

Al Aqsa is the third most holiest Mosque in Islam, I couldn’t wait to visit. It was in every conversation and luckily I had help to get there (thank you Rand).  We began our journey from Ramallah to the checkpoint, I showed my passport and visa to get through. Once approved we waited for local transport to take us to the final stop (this takes you to Damascus Gate).

We had brunch on the go, a falafel sandwich with lots of chilli sauce and made our way to The Dome of Rock. I could never put into words what it was like viewing it for the first time but to be stood there and at peace, I would hope everyone can experience that feeling in whatever capacity no matter what you believe. 

To be able to pray Friday prayers (Jummah) it was a dream and yes I broke down into tears. I’ve seen it in online, but to be present in the moment is just something else. Please note if you are non-Muslim you will not be able to visit during prayer times and it’s best to avoid Friday. 

It was busy as expected, we prayed and then explored the rest of the old city. Travelling with locals helped me understand life in Palestine, the love but also the restrictions. We then watched the sunset on a rooftop and then ran for the final prayer.

It was an amazing experience and thank you to the people who turned into family.

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