Visiting Hebron

My journey to Hebron was meant to be a short one but I ended up staying for a week due to permit issues. Once I made it from the checkpoint, I arrived at my destination. I delivered some training sessions and also got to experience Hebron. It’s slightly more conservative than Ramallah but has some nice cafes, the best grapes you’ll ever eat and people with a heart of gold. Where should you visit?

Ibrahimi Mosque: This is another holy site in Islam and the saying goes “…no one sleeps hungry…”. It is also one of the most sacred places historical. To visit you will need your passport as there is a checkpoint outside the mosque.

Outside Ibrahimi Mosque

The grapes: No seriously, they are the best grapes you’ll ever try which you can get from any supermarket. I witnessed rain, storms, thunder and lightning and met some amazing souls.

If you ever get to visit check out Hanin Cafe, they also have western cafes which will give you an English/American Breakfast (you can pay by card too). These can be found downtown. Hebron is fairly small so the chances of you getting lost are very slim. However, traveller tip: Download Google Maps and download your location ‘offline’.

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