A Day Out in Bethlehem

So as I had more time in Hebron, it was easier to visit Bethlehem via public transport. I stood on the side road for 10 minutes until someone I was working with said: “Shehla, you need to be stood down the road on the left.” This is close to the welcome to Hebron sign. You basically stand there and wait for a yellow shuttle bus and shout “Bethlehem”.

I sat down and on my way to Bethlehem, however, I didn’t know where I would/should be stopping. So I ended up asking for help and a student nurse recommended that I go with her to the university to find out where the Banksy graffiti wall is. My bad, I thought as soon as I said Banksy everyone would know what I was talking about, they didn’t. I know, I know what a tourist.

Anyway, I ended up going to a university and then left to speak to another group who then drew me a map and then wished me well. I walked around, I knew I was close but as I had restricted time I got in a taxi, they are super expensive. I got to the Banksy Wall, it shows you a visual of just 1% of what the Palestinian people have had to go through. But it is an eyeopener especially for people who may not understand the conflict. 

I then made my way to The Church of Nativity, it’s a 30-minute walk and I met a backpacker to join me through a mini-tour. The queues were so long I had to leave halfway through, I managed to roam around, buy some souvenirs for mum and then off I went on my way back to Hebron.

I thought it would be simple. I walked around thought I could reverse engineer my journey, “Hebron” I shouted. No luck. I then walked into a corner shop and asked for advice, I ended up getting a taxi to a shuttle station (I made that up, it’s where all the vehicles for Hebron were parked). I ended up making my way back to Hebron.

It was a great day out and one of those funny stories I can share with everyone. I’ve never had students make maps for me before, but there we go.

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