A Round-Up of the Decade

When I began 2019 I had a few plans in place. I spent a month in the Middle East, New Year in Dubai (my best friend moved there and would be leaving soon). I landed back in the UK from Azerbaijan, I had already booked a trip to Antarctica and had something to look forward to. I’d be working in Chile, making my way to Argentina and then another trip would begin so everything looked great on paper. 

As someone who has been self-employed for some time, you become more familiar with being unsettled. I rebranded my business, signed two new clients, one ended up going down and another refused to pay my invoices. With all my trips I was silently dealing with a potential court case for 12 months. 

You never know what someone is going through, and as cliche, as it sounds someone can be fighting the hardest battles behind closed doors.

I gave myself things to look forward to like the best two weeks of my life at Antarctica, there is no place like it on the planet. I pivoted my business and learned so much about the world and myself. Fast forward I had intentions to visit Palestine, I didn’t expect to work there but it happened. 

Let’s just say my 2019 did not go to “plan”, I had some really bad days, faced challenges I thought would never end, but also had some amazing experiences. 

It’s easy to fall into a social media trap, you see everyone out celebrating birthdays, constantly going out whilst you are trying to recharge. It’s ok to not want to do what everyone is doing. I’ve noticed a change in how people view someone in business since the day I started. Recently I have made peace with the fact that you can do the things people don’t believe you can and just let it be. 

I used to find it hard to fit in, school, college, uni and even at networking events. I guess being the outsider can be seen as fun. And it’s all fun and games until you are deliberately treated like an outsider. I decided to focus my energy on things that matter and that sometimes means letting those who are ignorant remain that way. 

As we say bye to the end of a decade I would never have seen myself as a solo traveller, running a business, public speaking and making my way to the 7th continent. At the beginning of the decade, I had only visited four countries. To some that may be a lot and to others it would be shocking. I used to panic that I had achieved so little because everyone around me had figured it out, turns out they hadn’t I just thought they had. My circle’s changed a lot, and that would have upset me a decade ago. I had my fair share of ups and down my career has evolved from jobs, unemployment, redundancies and just simply calling it a day to travel. 

As we begin signing out of this decade, I am actually looking forward to the next part.

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