What is 2020

My last post was about a round-up of the decade and all these hopes and all these goals. We entered 2020 uncertain, feeling lost and challenged about the times we had ahead. What has taken place in 2020 so far will go down in history, we are here in this present moment and looking at our next phase.

I began this year uncertain and began pivoting to a new change. We had no idea what this day would bring and as we enter spring during social distancing and self-isolation hopefully we can build on kindness and come together as a community. Whatever we can do together to rise above it can help make a difference for the greater good.

It’s been an anxious time for many and I haven’t used this blog for a while as the attitude has always been to use it more when I travel and self-reflection. I will always have this space to help me look at how far I have come as a person who was once afraid of going it alone. I used to fear many things, now I embrace that even though the last few months I was challenged again with certain moments.

As you become “older” they say you become “wider” but I have to come to the conclusion, the more “adults” I speak with the more we are still trying to figure it out. So let’s be kind and help each other out and let this be a place where we can all come together. I have definitely found it challenging to embrace certain moments in 2020. And as someone who loves the outdoors and hiking I have to look at adjusting to my environment.

More voice notes, Hangout calls and reconnecting with the world. I am also not afraid of sharing the not so great moments. I will always tell everyone else to be kind to themselves but not always to myself.

I’m going to track how I am with this from now on. Hopefully we can get through this era together.

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