Bucket list

I’m someone who likes to write things down and then tick them off. Lists endless lists, throughout the years have always helped me stay organised. So with us a few months into a new year, I thought there’s no better time to place my bucket list.

  1. Go to a major live sporting event- worked at the London 2012 Olympics
  2. Watch Eminem perform live- saw him at Leeds Fest 
  3. Start mentoring-
  4. Invest in a digital camera
  5. Save for a house- (getting there)
  6. Lift 10kg in BodyPump
  7. Try circuit training
  8. Visit New York
  9. Go wing-walking
  10. Start a blog- this one is obvious
  11. Sell car Goodbye Bliss
  12. Buy a telescope Thanks MUM
  13. Go to the World Cup
  14. Book a holiday to Dubai 03/09/2016
  15. Go to the Na Pali Coast
  16. Stop drinking Red Bull- I felt like I was having a heart attack so I stopped  01/01/2014
  17. Read more books
  18. HTML 5 course
  19. Stay in contact with friends  Monthly/weekly catch ups
  20. Bake/cook more often  Achieved throughout 2015
  21. Walk The Great Wall of China  26/09/2015
  22. Plan a trip to Tokyo   07/10/2015
  23. Go flyboarding 06/09/2016
  24. Dive with sharks
  25. Fly in a hot air balloon
  26. Watch the Northern Lights
  27. Visit NASA
  28. Skywalk the Grand Canyon
  29. Go stargazing 23/11/2016 in Fiji
  30. Walk through the Amazon Rain forest
  31. Get tickets to see Ben Howard live
  32. Upload more videos to YouTube of my travel adventures
  33. Invest in a GoPro 01/09/2016
  34. Buy an instant Polaroid   2013 I invested in one
  35. Visit Hollywood
  36. Go to a drive in movie
  37. Pay off student loan
  38. Go to Canada
  39. Eat at the Shard in London
  40. Climb the O2
  41. Complete the Three Peaks Challenge
  42. Go to New Zealand and Bali 2016
  43. Learn to code  18/05/2016
  44. Go to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore 2016
  45. Spend a weekend in Budapest
  46. Tick the rest of the UK off (Ireland and Wales)
  47. Go to Italy
  48. Spend New Year abroad- Lisbon 2015 into 2016
  49. Print more pictures rather than just Instagramming all the time 2015/2016
  50. Atleast a day in Berlin
  51. Fly to Sydney for the New Year then Dubai then end up in NYC
  52. Climb a mountain  Mount Misen Hakone 03/09/2015
  53. Go to the Mount Everest base camp
  54. Zip wire  September 2016
  55. Spend a whole day without a phone  Fiji November 2016
  56. Get tickets to Glastonbury
  57. Drink Mocktails at Cloud 23 08/05/2016
  58. Safari in Africa
  59. South Korea and North Korea September 2016
  60. Go on a road trip
  61. Run more
  62. Eat more raw foods  Achieved in 2016/2017
  63. Go on a digital detox November 2016 Fiji
  64. Book Jump Nation
  65. Go skiing
  66. Buy tickets for a festival abroad
  67. Watch England play
  68. Watch the World Championship Snooker live  I have been going every year since 2011
  69. Watch a Space Shuttle launch live
  70. Speak at an industry event  Google 2017
  71. Look through the Hubble telescope
  72. Become a published photographer
  73. Watch a comedian live
  74. Travel around Europe
  75. Reach my goal of 30 countries by 30  29/12/2017
  76. Invest more time in sketching
  77. Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii
  78. Stand at the Equator
  79. Sleep in a treehouse
  80. Visit Alcatraz
  81. Watch a lantern festival
  82. Take part in a colour run 08/07/2017
  83. Go to to Machu Picchu  Inca Trail achieved 13/12/2017
  84. Try Yoga
  85. Explore the Taj Mahal
  86. Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain
  87. See the Collesium in Rome
  88. Go to Disneyland
  89. Have fun at Coachella
  90. See Stonehenge
  91. Take a look at Victoria Falls
  92. Ride on Yungas Road (death road Bolivia)  15/12/2017
  93. Visit Patagonia  03/01/2018
  94. Go to the Galapagos Islands
  95. Set foot on to the Antarctica  22/02/2019
  96. See the wildlife of Namibia
  97.  Travel the Silk Road
  98.  Edit my own travel videos

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